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If you like your music with a flair of Fun-Time, Sing-Along, Party-Style, Rock & Roll, then Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers is the band for you! With Mike's fun energetic ability to turn a crowd into a party, while getting everyone to participate in the show, Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers can get the crowd ready for a major label rock artist as an opening act (arena, festival, or club) or can be a headliner for a rock club or concert party. Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers have performed from small House Concerts up to Large Arenas. What is their sound like?  Try dropping The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and George Thorogood into a blender while including a skilled front man with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, and Peter Wolf (J Geils Band), then top it off with two excellent high harmony female background singers, and out pours Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers!

Based in Nashville, TN, Mike Arnold is one of the few songwriters/musicians/vocalists that was actually born and raised in Nashville. Since living in Nashville all of his life, he has been surrounded by various music genres, but he's always favored the sing along rock and roll party style. 

Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers have released their debut full length album, "AMERICAN ROCK".  This Album includes 9 original tracks with two classic cover tunes and is available on most all online stores and streaming services.

"We have performed in our home town area of Nashville, TN for years and have done very well, but with our new party-rock album, American Rock, we are now looking forward to branching out to other cities, states, and eventually other countries! Anytime we've performed, we've had a full house or the show has been completely Sold-Out.  Our show is known as a Fun-Time, Sing-Along, Rock-Party performance. Our concerts have always included our originals as well as fun-style covers. In fact our debut album, American Rock, includes a couple of our concert crowd favorite covers, Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" and the Joe Cocker version of the Beatles' tune, "With A Little Help From My Friends"." 

In May of 2017, Nashville's NHL team, Nashville Predators, made their way to the Stanley Cup Final.  In order to add to the Nashville excitement, Crawford White and Mike Arnold went back into the studio to re-record some lyrics of their Nashville Predators tribute song (found on their American Rock album), "Let's Drop The Puck" and created, "(Hey Lord Stanley) We Want The Cup!"  Three of the four major Nashville TV news stations covered the song in various fashion.  News Channel 5 WTVF went to the studio to cover the recording with an interview of Mike Arnold and Crawford White.  Channel 4 News WSMV did a quick interview/acoustic performance video (with Mike and Crawford) and a website post.  Channel 17 FOX News WZTV showed the video for our song, ("(Hey Lord Stanley) We Want The Cup!" (video link here)

When Mike Arnold was introduced to lead guitarist Crawford White, the two immediately became friends with the same musical vision.  Mike Arnold and Crawford White are also the songwriting team.  Various musicians have been used to perform and record, but Mike and Crawford are the nucleus of the band and showed it in their live performances. The current band lineup includes; Mike Arnold (lead vocals), Crawford White (lead guitar), Matt Green (drums), Kyle Miller (bass), Peter Gallanari (keyboards), with Cindy Shelton and Nancy Roark on background vocals.


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