I had the pleasure of working with Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers on a charity event at the Cowan performance venue in Top Golf Nashville. The show was absolutely fantastic!  Everyone in attendance had a great time, the band was amazing and Mike made the entire experience easy and enjoyable.
Ron A. - Brand Manager  96.3 JACK-fm
Nashville, TN

We love attending Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers gigs! Mike is so entertaining and energetic!! He always has such an entertaining show! They are a very talented group! 
Carole S.
Oak Ridge, NC

Mike Arnold and The Music City Rockers are fun, talented, and energetic. Their passion for music is evident as they pour their hearts and souls into every song.
Terri G. 
Hendersonville, TN

Mike Arnold and The Music City Rockers are fabulous, entertaining, and so much fun. American Rock is a great song. My favorite of their originals is "The Gang's All Here". If you get a chance to see them, take it. I will see you there! 
Sheril B. 
Seymour, TN (Smoky Mountains)

Love Mike Arnold, high energy, entertaining, and so so  so much fun.  The band, the Music City Rockers - highly skilled musicians.  I enjoy their show.  Once you attend you'll be hooked, they'll leave you wanting to see more and anxiously anticipating their next concert.  Good, Clean, Entertainment - pretty hard to come by these days... at a price folks can afford :-)
Jewell B.
Mt.Juliet, TN

Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers are rock n roll through and through. Their shows are fun, energetic and very entertaining!
Brittany M.
Nashville, Tennessee  

Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers put on a fantastic show. It’s a high energy show including all your favorite songs and some great originals. The talent on the stage will amaze you! 
Meredith Y. 
Nashville, TN

Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers give a one of a kind performance.  With a very wide range of music you will hear songs that not only bring back memories but also new. You realize you are hearing something before it hits the charts.  The energy on stage is contagious!  No one could walk away from one of their concerts without feeling “lifted”.  Personally when I have attended, all the way home we are singing to the top of our lungs. 
You hear a lot of singers and recognize them immediately as in each song their voice carries the same notes, not so with Mike Arnold.  I was pleasantly surprised as well as amazed at his vocal talents.
I have loved music all my life, it takes me places when I need to get away from my thoughts.  Attending Mike’s concerts I not only hear the music, I feel the energy and passion.  Mike Arnold and the Music City Rockers are a 5 star band!
Ginger W.
Mt. Juliet, TN

I'm actually wearing the Crowd reunion t-shirt right now. That means I have been going to see Mike Arnold and the gang since 2011. I go every time I am in town. Love the energy, the songs, and the crowd participation! 
Michelle P.

Mike is a great front man and the band is super talented. Always a great set list as well. 
James D.
Murfreesboro, TN

We had a great time at Douglas Corner in December watching Mike and the Music City Rockers! Great show and very entertaining!
Carolyn J.
Hendersonville, TN